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EnXylaScope Value Chain Workshop

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27 October 2023

The great challenge of EnXylaScope project started two years and a half ago. During these months, amazing technical progresses have been reached (you can check our news section!).

Now, the EnXylaScope team is ready to start to figure out how the project results will interact with the market. To this aim, AITIIP is organising a dedicated session during the next EnXylaScope General Assembly in Porto (28th and 29th of November).

Under the heading “EnXylaScope Value Chain Workshop”, the team will work in groups in the identification and definition of any individual or organisation that could have an interest in the outcomes of EnXylaScope, including potential customers, providers, policy makers, citizens and partners, as well as the identification of any piece of value derived from the project (mainly the key exploitable results) to understand who interacts with whom, who offers what and who is interested in consuming what.

The cooperation and exchange of views among participants with different backgrounds will enrich the results and provide a wide and clear picture of potential business models from a holistic perspective. The workshop is conceived as an interactive and focused experience, everyone can participate and submit their ideas using cards, markers and glue to discuss around tangible assets in a co-creation process. Let’s see how far EnXylaScope results can go!

Pilar Pérez - AITIIP