Products & Pilots

During the lifespan of the EnXylaScope, the consortium will do pilot-scale production of 4 enzymes and application testing the xylans for 6 different enzymatically-derived xylan-based consumer products in the categories of Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Personal Care.

products-right products-right
ID Product Name Product Category Xylan Used Take-up Partner
CP1 Moisture Cream/lotion XylMoist Cosmetics WIS-xylan SEPPIC
CP2 Nutraceutical binder and prebiotic HealthXyl Nutraceuticals WIS-xylan FERMEX
CP3 Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial Supplement ModuXyl Nutraceuticals Xyl-Phe FERMEX
CP4 Hand Sanitiser XylClean Personal Care Xyl-Phe SEPPIC
CP5 Emollient XylSmooth Cosmetics Xyl-Phe-FA SEPPIC
CP6 Body wash BodiXyl Personal Care Xyl-Phe-FA SEPPIC

In order to test the robustness of the new enzyme technologies for the development of xylan-based consumer products, and in order to generate the required data for techno-economic and sustainability assessments (including LCA), the selected enzymes, enzyme cocktails and modified xylans will be produced in kg scale. Enzymes will be produced and processed in a 400 L scale bioreactor and the kg of enzymes produced and purified will be used to make enzyme cocktails for WIS-xylan production. WIS-xylans, produced at 1 kg scale each will be supplied to the relevant industry/SME partners (SEPPIC, FERMEX) for application testing. Similarly, kg samples of xylan functionalised with phenolics (Xyl-Phe) will be used for application testing and pro duct formulation (SEPPIC, FERMEX) with kg samples of xylan functionalised with phenolics and fatty acids (Xyl-Phe-FA) also sent to the relevant partners (AITIIP, SEPPIC) for these activities. The EnXylaScope consortium has large industry partners and product-focused SMEs that will test the potential for these products to replace selected existing ingredients in consumer products as greener alternatives. By tackling this crucial stepping-stone within the project, the transition from innovation to market can be significantly accelerated.

To understand and advance the economic, environmental and social competitiveness of the new xylan-based products versus the existing products (biobased and non-biobased) on the market, a thorough techno-economic and sustainability analysis of the process and products will be performed. The output will give feedback on areas to improve to make the process more economically competitive with greater sustainability. This will also give sufficient information to policy makers, industries and consumers to make informed decisions with regards to enzymatically-produced xylan based products. Comprehensive environmental and social assessments, including life cycle assessment (LCA), will be performed for the production of WIS-xylan, WIS-Phe, and WIS-Phe-FA and their application in 6 specific consumer products. Comparative analysis will be performed for common synthetic and biobased agents used in these products.