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EnXylaScope Project Inaugural Advisory Board Meeting

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22 February 2024

The EnXylaScope project marked a significant milestone with its inaugural Advisory Board (AB) meeting convened online on December 13, 2023. Attended by 6 esteemed AB members and 9 EnXylaScope project affiliates, the meeting aimed to introduce the project, present preliminary results, and initiate an exchange of perspectives. This event sets the stage for three subsequent meetings scheduled until project completion.

Javier Pérez of AITIIP started the session with a comprehensive presentation outlining the project’s objectives, its relevance in addressing xylan extraction challenges, and an introduction to the consortium involved. EnXylaScope targets the inefficiencies in current extraction methods, which result in significant biomass underutilisation.

Following this overview, Dr. Lalitha Gottumukkala led an engaging discussion on the project’s technical aspects. Updates on project status and advancements were shared, sparking dialogue among project members and AB representatives.

Beyond technicalities, AB members contributed with insights on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), emphasising the intertwining of environmental and economic concerns. The Advisory Board enhanced overall efficiency by addressing shared environmental and economic hotspots.

The board comprised professionals like Maria Díaz Navarro (Cluster Food+I, Spain), Maher Abou Hachem (DTU, Denmark), James Gaffey (MTU, Ireland), André van Zomeren (TNO, The Netherlands), Andrew Ellis (Biocatalysts Ltd., UK), and Rachele Invernizzi (South Hemp Tecno srl, Italy), bringing diverse expertise. EnXylaScope affiliates from Fermentation Experts, Divis GmbH, RISE, SINTEF, Celignis, Kerry Group, University of Lund, and AITIIP Technology Centre contributed to the collaborative spirit, advancing shared goals.

Future AB meetings will focus on technical discussions, with plans to engage new members who expressed interest but could not attend this inaugural meeting.

This is just the beginning of a collaborative journey that will drive EnXylaScope towards its transformative goals with the invaluable guidance of its Advisory Board.

Javier Pérez - AITIIP

Carolina Peñalva - AITIIP