🌱EXS Newsletter #1 | Unleashing Xylan's Potential with Enzymes for Greener Products

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fundo fundo

15 February 2022

Thanks for joining us in this exciting project! We have a multidisciplinary consortium which aims to discover novel enzymes that can be used to process natural resources or agricultural residues, for obtaining a natural polymer. This natural polymer, xylan, has outstanding properties which make it suitable as a natural component in cosmetic, personal care, and nutraceutical products. It will replace less-sustainable product components and therefore will allow greener market options for the consumer.

The project started in May 2021 and will last until April 2025. Despite the short time passed, a lot of work has been carried out. In this newsletter you will find a brief summary of the different work packages whose tasks already started: from discovering enzymes to exploitation of results. You are going to be involved in this exciting journey together with us from the beginning, getting updated regularly and having the chance to interact with us.

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