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28 September 2022

Throughout the years, the Department of Biotechnology and nanomedicine has built up its competences in different aspects of bioinformatics. Starting at the beginning with simple analysis of genomics data using commercial software, we have been developing several data analysis pipelines that can handle large amount of data for different applications. Those cover a wide range of topics and multi-omics, from discovery of novel bioactive compounds and new enzymes for (bio)material degradation, molecular diagnostics to molecular modelling of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) for the development of biosensors. In this presentation, background on the development of those pipelines and successful examples in several projects funded by national and international agencies, as well as direct funding from industry will be described. Ongoing work to streamline, automate, and parallelize those analysis will also be mentioned and our interests in future development and collaboration will be discussed.

Giang-Son Nguyen - SINTEF

Simone Balzer Le - SINTEF

Malene Jønsson - SINTEF

Ingvild Haugnes Aune - SINTEF

Cristina M. Corda - SINTEF

José J. G. Moura - SINTEF

Wolfgang Streit - SINTEF

Vincent G. H. Eijsink - SINTEF

Andrius Jasilionis - SINTEF

Eva Nordberg Karlsson - SINTEF

Andrea Clausen Lind - SINTEF

Verena Siewers - SINTEF

Florian David - SINTEF

Bernd Ketelsen Striberny - SINTEF

Anna Sofia Lewin - SINTEF

Francesca Di Bartolomeo - SINTEF

Alexander Wentzel - SINTEF