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Making our findings widely available and creating the path towards commercial exploitation

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28 January 2022

EnXylaScope will originate several results that are extremely relevant to the scientific community, and beyond. In order to make those results widely available partners are creating several dedicated communication channels and developing detailed dissemination materials, such as an e-learning tool that is under development. The project’s key exploitable results will also be assessed and a business model will be developed with the industrial partners’ commercial exploitation opportunities clearly identified.

The EnXylaScope project communication and dissemination activities are being led by the Portuguese company – which is one of the top organisations in Europe in this activity. Additionally, the project coordinator, AITIIP – which is a Spanish non-profit private entity which goal is to increase the competitiveness of companies – is leading the exploitation activities. Together with the contributions of all the EnXylaScope consortium members, they are raising awareness to the project, disseminating its findings and building the path towards commercial exploitation leading to competitive advantages.

As a basis, the consortium developed a communication plan with all the steps indicated for the first year. The first step was to create the project identity by developing its claim, logo and communication visuals. Additionally, a guidelines document was produced for the correct usage of the project branding.

The second step was to launch the project website where all news, findings and materials will be available throughout the project lifetime: To communicate closely with our audience, social media pages were created on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter and that you follow us.

Additionally, we are now members of a cluster composed of the projects funded under the call FNR-16-2020 “Enzymes for more environment-friendly consumer products (call Food and Natural Resources)”: EnXylaScope (Grant Agreement no 101000831), FuturEnzyme (Grant Agreement no 101000327), OXIPRO (Grant Agreement no 101000607) and RADICALZ (Grant Agreement no 101000560). The cluster was created to foster the best collaborative efforts with a view to maximise efficiency and impact, by favouring synergies and avoiding overlapping or duplication of activities (read more here)

EnXylaScope aims at widening the scope and industrial potential of xylan debranching enzymes by developing enzymes with high catalytic activity and wide operation conditions, thereby demonstrate their ability to make xylan a platform polymer for applications in a variety of consumer products.

The project results will lead to the development of a set of exploitable assets, among others, three different types of xylans with specific properties for personal care, cosmetics and nutraceutical products, a set of particular xylan debranching enzymes and the consultancy services associated to effectively implement the industrial processes for elaborating both new xylans and specific enzymes and a new software tool for enzyme cocktail design.
The exploitation activities during the project will address the definition of these products taking into consideration IP issues and protection measures to build an effective business model for those with most commercialisation potential.


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