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Synergy of ingredients in cosmetic formulation - example of a versatile performance of a sugar-based moisturizer in naturally-based skin care formulas

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02 June 2022

The selection of ingredients used in cosmetics formulations is of major importance, since they impact the global performances of the final product. In this post, our partner SEPPIC shows you an example of a synergistic effect of sugar-based emulsifier and sugar-based moisturizer on moisturizing performance.

The moisturizing performance of a sugar-based Ecocert compliant moisturizer was compared in vivo, on very dry skin, in four simple natural formulas: three O/W emulsions and a gel with various sensory profiles. The results showed a significant improvement of the moisturizing properties for all the formulas, especially the prolongation up to 24H with the emulsion containing the C14-C22-based glucolipid emulsifier in comparison to the gel. Moreover, the skin dryness was significantly reduced up to 48H after application for the three naturally-based formulas.

Read the poster: Ingredients Synergy Seppic Poster

Laetitia Cattuzzatto - SEPPIC

Florence Clemenceau - SEPPIC

Sandy Dumont - SEPPIC

Alicia Roso - SEPPIC

Cecile Taillebois - SEPPIC